Introduction to Assistive Technology

Module 1.4 Conclusion

Assistive Technologies level the playing field for people with diverse abilities. There is a huge, unmet need for AT across the world, especially in developing countries. A human-centered approach at all levels of AT, from development to distribution is essential to ensure adoption and reduce abandonment of the AT device.
In the following chapter, we will look closer at the AT product development cycle with the help of some case studies.

Additional Notes and References

Assistive technology over the years
1. Assistive Technology over the years in the life of a Person with Deafblindness: Conversation between Pradip Sinha (SEDB: Society for the empowerment of the Deafblind, India) and Dr.Namita Jacob (Chetana Trust, Chennai), in tactile sign language.
iOS Switch Control Demo
2. Video of an Assistive Technology user with high support needs, demonstrating a high-tech tongue-based access switch to navigate his mobile phone.