Introduction to Assistive Technology

Module 3.3: Enablers of an efficient AT ecosystem

The AT ecosystem in India is still emerging. There are very few players in the domain who operate independently and commercial entities in AT are just a handful. 

To tackle these challenges and give a boost to the AT ecosystem, some organizations have emerged in the last decade and have broadened the discourse around disability and AT. They are also helping accelerate the growth of AT start-ups by providing them assistance in terms of mentoring, networking, funding, R&D, and marketing thereby laying the path to scale-up and reach the millions of PwDs in need of AT. 

Here’s a recently held panel discussion between some AT enablers. Through this video, you will be introduced to the varied perspectives in the AT ecosystem and the immense opportunities to learn and solve long-pending problems for PwDs. 

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Focus Areas covered:

The evolution of the existing Assistive Technology ecosystem in India and the roles of the eminent stakeholders in the ecosystem:

1. Education institutions working on R&D in Assistive Technology.
2. User Organizations.
3. Initiatives working towards nurturing emerging start-ups and motivated
4. Disability centered global approaches in acknowledging best practices.

  • Integrating the different dimensions in developing assistive technology: Medical, social, business, human-centred and technology.
  • Setting the goals from Awareness to Access.