Introduction to Assistive Technology

Module 1.1 - Assistive Technology

As you access this course, consider the device you’re using – perhaps a trusty laptop or a computer at home. Your means of access may also include factors such as internet connectivity or even the physical location where you’re taking the course.

Take a moment to reflect on the many other everyday items that assist you in your daily life, such as the furniture, clothes, and devices that make tasks easier. These are all examples of how technology is assisting us in enhancing our daily experiences.
Assistive Technology, as defined by the Assistive Technology Act of 1998, encompasses any item or product system that increases, maintains, or improves the functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities. But who exactly benefits from Assistive Technology?

While originally developed for people with disabilities, many of these technologies have since become widely accepted as mainstream products. This shift in perspective highlights the notion that people of all abilities can benefit from these devices and technologies.

Isn’t it fascinating to think that each product developed in the field of Assistive Technology has the potential to hit the mainstream world!
Check out this fun video, on the fascinating side of Assistive Technology and how each user aspires it to be.

Additional Notes and References

The need for quality Assistive devices- alarming facts

“This short film has been developed for the launch of the first ever Global Report on Assistive Technology, co-published by WHO and UNICEF, and with 10 recommendations for improving access to these life-changing products”.
Assistive technology changes lives – video