Introduction to Assistive Technology


The recurrent theme throughout this introductory course has been the uniqueness of the AT domain in comparison with others and the resultant distinct challenges and opportunities that ensue. Froma niche area, AT needs to be brought to the forefront and thousands of youngsters and innovators must be encouraged to participate and contribute towards solving long-pending issues in the domain. India is a large market, and the volume of production can help bridge the gap in the nascent AT ecosystem, given R&D and commercialization happens in India.

Towards this, IIT Madras Research Park is bringing startups, industry, academia, and students together across the Assistive Technology ecosystem to make affordable, accessible, and quality indigenous AT products. We hope that you will join us in this one-of-a-kind effort to stimulate the AT ecosystem, by building high-quality solutions that solve the needs of persons with disabilities, towards a more inclusive world.

We hope you found this course engaging and feel motivated to delve into the world of Assistive Technology.
To gauge your comprehension of the course material, we kindly ask that you complete the post-test.
Introduction to Assistive Technology-Post Test – Google Forms

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