Introduction to Assistive Technology

Module 2.3: Commercialization and scaling up

The design-thinking process enables a product developer to arrive at a solution for the user and validate its usability. The next stage is to take the product to the market, into the hands of users across the globe.

The video by WHO (World Health Organization) throws some light on why AT adoption can only be ensured by an individualized, last-mile service delivery process.  

We are faced with a unique challenge – High customization needs in a population of Persons with Disabilities, low purchasing power and geographically scattered users. Scaling up and commercialization becomes a difficult task. Innovative approaches are required at every stage of the AT solution – from idea to the market.

Let’s look at the story of an interesting AT solution from the idea-stage to market-stage to better understand these challenges.

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Focus Areas covered:

The journey of the standing wheelchair from design to commercialization
The work required to conceptualize an AT solution and bring it successfully to the market.