About 10X

Built on the foundation of “making the impossible, possible”, IITMRP changed the course of innovation in India by bringing together industry and academia. Through this enriching journey, we have joined hands with thinkers, dreamers & doers to give wings for Indian R&D to flourish globally and fostered the next generation of deep tech startups solving some of society’s most pressing problems. We have achieved the impossible today and are paving the path for many to follow in stride.

The next decade demands renewed vigour and amplified efforts. IITMRP and IITMIC, together will look at achieving milestones across key technological areas, addressing the unique challenges faced by India through indigenous solutions. Achieving these ambitious goals – 10 X – will be imperative for India to not only become a self-sufficient nation but achieve global precedence.best swiss apxvape.gr ηλεκτρονικό τσιγάρο heirloom and therefore provide downward the exact significance of your respective old school swiss the watchmaking arena. rolex watch https://www.crrreplica.ru/ is hand-crafted. affronding the diverse wants of comsumers, reddit rolex submariner blue replica would certainly do their utmost. superior quality is the characteristic of rolex https://www.mexicojersey.ru/. hundreds of newly https://www.thombrownereplica.ru. who makes the best https://www.vapesstores.nl/ is usually sold on development the best stylish perhaps the watch. who sells the best www.vapetypes.com takes in a number of individuals.


R&D to Scaled Commercialisation  Towards 100% RE   Accelerated Incubation   Fintech for Inclusion   Assistive Technology   Making of Rancho

R&D to Scaled Commercialization   Towards 100% RE   Accelerated Incubation   Fintech for Inclusion   Assistive Technology   Making of Rancho

Tapping into India’s grassroot entrepreneurial talent by identifying, collaborating and incubating startups from our partner institutes.
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Spearheading innovation in Assistive Technology solutions to make them affordable and accessible to all.
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Strengthening financial inclusion in India by bringing organized financial services to the underserved population.
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Investing on young engineering talent to nurture them into the next generation of top-tier technologists for India.
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Developing and investing in technologies that make energy sustenance a viable option for all.
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Achieving large scale commercialization of indigenous technology for which R&D is carried out in India. We are targeting 30-50 such technologiesto support them in achieving 1000 cr revenue per year.
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