Scaling up of Innovative Homegrown Technologies

India’s economy is diverse and rapidly growing, with its GDP projected to attain US$3.05 trillion by FY 2022. As a country with an impressive history of scientific discovery, it’s important for us to harness our nation’s extensive R&D capabilities and evolve our thriving innovation ecosystem.

In doing so, our goal is simple: We want to help Indian innovation succeed globally while addressing the grassroot challenges at its core, so it can in turn create jobs, generate revenue, improve industries and establish India as a technological leader globally!

Enable and handhold 30-50 Innovator(s)/ Companies with resources, support and strategy towards scaled commercialisation (Rs. 1000 Crores revenue per year ) by 2030.

Enable and handhold innovator(s) with resources/support/ strategy aimed at taking them to the next stage of growth.

R&D product/ Startup are selected based on maturity of the technology/ product, market potential and commitment & capability of the innovators involved.

• Innovation Ecosystem
• Product/Tech support
• Commercialization support
• Funding & Networking Support
• Directed Training

Startup Portfolio

Retrofitting old & used IC Autorickshaws with EV drive train – (Motor controller and Battery built in-house) in order to reduce energy consumption and make vehicles more eco-friendly.


Case Study 1

Technology validation is done for a company that is currently working on AI based safety automation for industries

Case Study 2

Case Study 3