Introduction to Assistive Technology for Vision Impairments

Electronic magnifiers

Optical magnifiers use fixed lenses, which limits the amount of magnification and contrast enhancement that can be obtained from the device. Electronic video magnifiers, on the other hand, can give much more magnification and allow the user to manipulate the magnified video. This can include control magnification, freeze to read or adjust color contrast, with the simple press of a button. The video below demonstrates a commercial electronic magnifier.

Here are some of the non-electronic magnifiers that are available in the Indian market. These differ by dimensions, features and cost.

Table: Summary of Vision Impairment types

Name & Description Reference Link
Ruby Hand-held video magnifier Ruby Hand Held Video Magnifier (karishmaenterprises.com)
Niki pocket sized video magnifier Niki Pocket Sized Hand Held Video Magnifier (karishmaenterprises.com)
Bonita mouse modelled magnifier BONITA Mouse Magnifier – enabled.in
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