Introduction to Assistive Technology for Vision Impairments

3.5. Assistive Technologies for Daily Living

Persons with vision impairments may need AT devices to support with self-care, play, leisure, work and school activities, apart from needs for reading and orientation or
The following section describes a few apps which can assist Persons with Vision Impairment in their various daily activities.

S.no Device/App Purpose Reference Link
1. Be My Eyes App  A mobile application that helps people with vision impairment to connect with Sighted volunteers over video calling for visual assistance- checking expiry dates on products in the supermarket, distinguishing colors, reading signages etc. Video- 2 min
Be My Eyes – Bringing Sight to Blind and Low Vision People – YouTube
2. Sonic Labeler Audio labelling device with re- recordable sticker labels for easy identification of objects. Video- 4min
Tutorial video explaining the working of Sonic Labeler – YouTube
3. Rainbow Color reader  A device which reads out the color of any object held in front of it Video- 2min
Intro to the Rainbow Color Reader.wmv – YouTube
4. Liquid Level indicator  A compact device which, when hung on the rim of a glass or a container, vibrates and sends an alarm when the liquid being poured reaches the rim level. Thus, it helps avoid spills and burns especially when dealing with hot liquids like tea or coffee in the kitchen. Video- 2min
Liquid Level Indicator – Kimberley shows us how her Liquid Level Indicator works – YouTube
5. Talking equipment Daily use devices with sound output. Includes talking microwave, talking thermometer, talking measuring scale, water boiler alert, talking measuring jug, electric steamer. Video – 20min
Talking accessible equipment/devices for blind and visually impaired people. – YouTube
6. Alexa- Smart Voice Assistant Smart voice controls for home appliances and managing everyday tasks. Video – 2min
How Alexa can empower blind people to lead a more independent life – YouTube 
7. Smart Vision Glasses A wearable device compatible with a pair of glasses, designed with features like object identification, walking guidance, reading mode, and face identification. These modes are provided with Braille cues for assistance. Video – 2min
Smart Vision Glasses Demo and Features – YouTube 
8. MANI – currency identifier app  A mobile application designed by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) specifically for people with vision challenges to identify denomination of currency notes. MANI – Mobile Aided Note Ident – Apps on Google Play