Introduction to Assistive Technology for Vision Impairments

Module 1: What is Vision Impairment?

1.1. Introduction

Have you ever wondered?

  1. What enables you to locate and identify objects, people, and everything around us?
  2. What helps a person notice details in a particular environment?
  3. What ability supports you to read and write or even use the computer and the web?
  4. Why is it difficult to walk or read in dimly lit areas in comparison to a well-lit one?
If you guessed “Eyes”, you’re correct! Our ability to see with our eyes is the primary support system that we involuntarily use to understand the environment around us. Now, take a moment to reflect:
  • What happens when this support system is compromised due to a minor accident, a surgery or a disability?
  • What abilities do we then develop to adapt to such conditions, whether temporary or permanent?
  • Do you think the environmental conditions including the design of products need to be the same to accommodate the changing and diverse needs of people?

Here is a recorded lecture, to take you through Vision Impairment, starting with how our eyes perceive the information around us.

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