Introduction to Assistive Technology for Vision Impairments

3.3.2 Screenreader for persons with visual impairments

Individuals who are visually impaired and want to access a computer or a smartphone need to have an alternative to the video screen that translates the screen information in speech or in braille. These alternatives are called ‘screenreaders. Here are some videos about the in-built screenreaders available in the most used operating systems in present-day computers and smartphones.  

These screenreaders are also coupled with keyboard shortcuts, gestures for touchscreen devices and voice commands to take inputs from the user. For example, Voiceover and Talkback are gesture-based screenreaders for iPhone and Android phone respectively.

Persons with vision impairment use them along with the in-built voice commands to navigate the mobile phone interface.

S.no Screenreader application Reference Link
1. Windows Narrator 
A screen reader app built into Windows 10
Video- 5min
How to use the Narrator screen reader in Windows 10 | Microsoft – YouTube
2. Apple VoiceOver 
A gesture-based screen reader on iPhone and iPad
Video- 4min
How to navigate your iPhone or iPad with VoiceOver — Apple Support – YouTube
3. Siri  
Smart Voice Assistance in iPhone and iPad
Video- 4min
The Voice Assistant That Will Change Your Blind Life (Siri) – YouTube
4. Google Talkback  
Screen reader feature available in-built in Android mobiles.
Video- 4min
TalkBack – Accessibility on Android – YouTube