What is
Zero to Green?

The ‘Zero to Green’ initiative by IITM Research Park helps commercial buildings switch to renewable energy. The report clarifies that renewable energy is not as expensive as commonly thought. It explains the current situation, technology options, and a plan for reducing carbon emissions, showing that using renewable energy can cut electricity bills by up to 30% and provide a profitable return on investment within five years. This initiative encourages building owners to go green, save money and support environmental sustainability through evidence-based conversations. 
The report was launched during EnVision 2023 – India’s First Energy Festival hosted by the IITM Research Park on January 3 and 4, 2024. Over 500+ delegates including energy experts, industry leaders, policymakers, academia, researchers, and students participated in the conference aimed at transitioning the nation towards a cleaner, more sustainable future.

This report was authored by

Anson Sando and Faheera Shayan Towards 100% RE – A 10X initiative, IITM Research Park

Under the guidance of

Prof. Ashok Jhunjhunwala, President, IITM Research Park

Key findings of the report


Conventional Commercial Building

Power Source:

Local Grid + Diesel

Renewable Powered Building

Power Source:

Solar + Wind + Grid

Renewable Share:




Cost per unit of electricity

Conventional Commercial Building


Rs/ kWh

Renewable Powered Building


Rs/ kWh


Conventional Commercial Building

Renewable Powered Building

Average Electricity Expense per Month:

Rs. 1,60,00,000

Average Electricity Expense per Month:

Rs. 1,25,00,000

Annual Savings

Rs. 4,00,00,000

Return on Investment

5.5 years

CO2 Offset

11,000 tons

Join the
Zero to Green

Join the Zero to Green Alliance​

This alliance by the IITM Research Park invites builders, developers, industry, academia, investors, startups, media, policy makers and government to come together in the efforts towards carbon-neutral buildings. This collaborative platform provides valuable expertise, resources, and best practices in building design, and energy-efficient strategies to assist builders and developers in making informed decisions and effectively implementing these solutions in their projects.

Be part of the alliance by clicking the link here — and enjoy the benefits of an energy-efficient building from today!


What is in it
for you?

  • Cost Savings: The alliance helps builders cut electricity costs by up to 30% annually by transitioning to renewable sources like solar and wind, providing substantial financial benefits over traditional grid electricity.
  • Return on Investment (RoI): Investing in renewable energy infrastructure, such as solar panels and wind turbines, offers a return on investment in just 5.5 years, optimizing long-term financial performance.
  • Achieve Net Zero and Sustainability Targets: Joining the alliance enables builders and developers to contribute positively to environmental sustainability efforts, identify pathways to reduce their own emissions, and leverage the expertise within the alliance to drive cutting-edge green and sustainable solutions.
  • Access to Expertise and Resources: The alliance connects builders with top industry experts, academia, and government agencies, providing essential knowledge and resources for sustainable building and energy efficiency.

The alliance catalyzes transformative change in commercial building, equipping builders with the tools, support, and incentives to adopt renewable energy, drive significant cost savings, and contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.

Plan of action

The Key Thematic Areas include:

  • Building Development and Operations ​
  • Building Materials ​
  • Renewable Energy Integration (incl Storage, Demand Supply Management)

The alliance’s operational framework will begin with quarterly convenings for stakeholder meetings​

Conveners and Co-leads in key thematic areas will be identified among the members to drive specific outcomes​

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